The ONLY Triple Certified ISP: ​UL NFPA 1851:2014 & ​1855:2018 third party verified and UL ISO 9001:2015 registered

ISO 9001:2015


Record Keeping

NFPA Record Keeping Requirements
There are individual items that must be tracked, documented and maintained for the life of
each ensemble and ensemble element. MARKEN uses proprietary cloud-based software to
track and document all of the NFPA 1851 and NFPA 1855 required items in the inspection,
cleaning and maintenance process. 

We maintain records on all ensemble and ensemble elements that are serviced at MARKEN and make them available to the organization 24/7. Records include manufacturing detail, to whom the ensemble element is issued, advanced cleanings, advanced inspections, complete liner inspections, repairs and dates of retirement and method of disposal along with other key details.   
MTRACK will sets the benchmark for asset tracking software designed specifically for first responders.

Created by the MARKENs information technology department, MTRACK was written by people who understand first responders and their needs. By using MTRACK, Independent Service Providers (ISP), organizations and end users can track their personal protective ensembles, measure their effective life spans, and see firsthand how much money is being spent on care and maintenance.

MARKEN can help organizations get set up with MTRACK at their departments. All you need s a computer and an Internet connection. This enables the end users to update their records with information such as when they performed Routine Cleanings and Routine Inspections and when new ensembles are issued or reissued. 

The program will automatically update this information so that you can see it at our facility and the organization will be able to see everything that we do at their facility. Organizations will also have access to several reports that they can print at any time. ​MTRACK is the most comprehensive asset tracking program available to the fire service. 

MTRACK Features & Benefits
  • User Friendly. 
  • Cloud Based.
  • Track an unlimited number of assets. 
  • Begin using in less than 5 minutes. 
  • No limit on the number of users that can access M TRACK.
  • Dozens of built-in reports.
  • Use your existing bar codes or use ours.
  • Password protection is optional.
  • Procedure Manual included.
  • On line system help available.